Testa dig själv!

Gör vårt snabbtest så får du direkt svar på hur du klarat dig inom tre områden; verbformer, prepositioner och ordförråd.


  Jag godkänner hantering av personuppgifter


  1. The CEO an impressive speech at the press conference.
  2. The host suggested a glass of schnapps the meal.
  3. If I you, I would ask for a salary raise.
  4. At the conference last week, I to listen to the cash management lecture.
  5. The sales representative felt rather ill during the meeting, as he had one too many whiskies the previous evening.
  6. Everyone in the department going to the kick-off.
  7. It was a new experience! of the two participants had ever done a Business English test before.
  8. The visitor the afternoon plane back to New York.
  9. Before the test, the participants quite nervous.
  10. Yesterday, I the last chapter of the Harry Potter book.


  1. My brother works the bank's office London.
  2. I will meet you the conference room the end of the corridor.
  3. the next three hours, the Prime Minister will make an announcement Downing Street.
  4. The EGM did not finish until ten o`clock the evening Friday!
  5. The conference will be held Stockholm the end of November.


  1. What is the name for the planned schedule of a meeting?
  2. The record of the meeting is written down by the secretary and known as:
  3. If you are a manager and you distribute job tasks out amongst your staff, you: the workload.
  4. If you complete your job tasks and duties within the required time, you are an worker.
  5. If the company is cutting costs and you lose your job as a result, then you are:
  6. I have a really interesting .
  7. My manager says that I can start an English course.
  8. I have a very positive with my colleagues.
  9. She is very and is easily upset by others.
  10. The CEO’s decision everyone in the company.