Försäkra dig om en plats hos Accent redan idag genom att använda det här bokningsformuläret. Bokningsformuläret är på engelska då Accent International är avtalspart i bokningen och för bokningen gäller deras General Regulations som du kan ta del av längst ned på den här sidan. När du sänt in formuläret kontaktar vi dig omgående för att se om du behöver någon ytterligare information.

Per­so­nal De­tails - All fi­elds marked * are es­sen­ti­al and must be com­ple­ted.
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Cour­se De­tails
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Ac­com­mo­da­tion De­tails
Do you smo­ke? Yes No
Do you ha­ve any al­ler­gi­es? Yes No
If you do suf­fer from any al­ler­gi­es ple­a­se tell us about this
Do you need a spe­ci­al di­et? Yes No
If 'Yes', ple­a­se gi­ve de­tails
In­te­rests, hob­bi­es, spe­ci­al requi­re­ments
Ple­a­se descri­be the­se for us.
 Needs Ana­ly­sis Ques­tionnai­re

This ques­tionnai­re is de­sig­ned to help us plan your cour­se and se­lect or de­sign su­i­tab­le cour­se ma­te­ri­als for you. Ple­a­se com­ple­te the ques­tionnai­re your­self. Think about each ques­tion ca­re­ful­ly and then wri­te short an­swers. Do not wor­ry about wri­ting correct­ly!

Ple­a­se wri­te two or th­ree sen­tences about your job, your re­spon­si­bi­li­ti­es and your com­pa­ny.

Ex­pe­ri­ence with Eng­lish
Ple­a­se wri­te two or th­ree sen­tences about your ex­pe­ri­ence of using Eng­lish. For ex­amp­le: Ha­ve you had les­sons re­cent­ly? Do you use Eng­lish re­gu­lar­ly? Whe­re and when do you study Eng­lish now?

Needs for Eng­lish
Ple­a­se wri­te two or th­ree sen­tences about why you need to im­pro­ve your Eng­lish and about the si­tu­a­tions whe­re you will need to use Eng­lish in the fu­tu­re.

Le­vel of Eng­lish
Ple­a­se com­ple­te the following to help us as­sess your le­vel of Eng­lish:

Pre-En­rol­ment Le­vel As­sess­ment (Op­tio­nal)
  I would li­ke to com­ple­te the ques­tionnai­re

If you are un­su­re about your le­vel or would li­ke us to check it, ple­a­se com­ple­te the op­tio­nal short ques­tionnai­re (5-10 mi­nu­tes) which will ap­pe­ar when you sub­mit this form if you ha­ve chec­ked the but­ton abo­ve.

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